The State of Tech Nation [Video]

The State of Tech Nation [Video]

American and European kids are still largely in schools despite the paralysis from coronavirus. But in most African cities, the students have been cut-off from their teachers by a virus. And these students are at home, trying to figure out what the future holds. When we designed the curriculum of Tekedia Mini-MBA in January, no one saw the current state of the world. Yes, we did not see that students, from primary to tertiary levels, in Africa, would be home this way. To adjust for the current environment, we are updating a specific session accordingly.

I had planned to focus on the mechanics of technology in Africa in The State of Tech Nation module of next week. That has changed; I will now focus on four things that would happen across industrial sectors and domains, post-Covid-19 in Africa, in connection with technologies. We see the following evolving:

  • Hybridized Supply Chain: Flexible, adaptive, global and local, at the same time.
  • Remote Everything: The web will run the world across sectors.
  • Digitization and Cloud Migration: The pace will accelerate.
  • Semi-automation: Disintermediation of humans will accelerate

These changes will happen because until we have a vaccine for Covid-19, not many people would be comfortable to return to the old state. On Monday, the other videos – 30 opportunities in African agriculture/agtech, 6 core technologies to transform Africa, and innovation lessons on the 12 noted companies will go live. We expect 2 hours of video contents.

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The 4 key tech redesigns in Africa, post-covid-19


The 12 firms

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