The Student Has Received The PhD Certificate

The Student Has Received The PhD Certificate

A few weeks ago, I shared the story of a young man who finished a PhD in computer science in Europe in May 2020 but has been unable to collect his certificate as the school requested for a VALID passport. His old Nigerian passport had expired and the delay for a new one he applied for has been unprecedented. Many people here said he was lying that one does not need a passport to collect a certificate. The comments were exceedingly unforgiving and many showed absolute lack of passion for a fellow citizen.

I told the young man to ignore the noise that help would come. Magically, help did come; the embassy did its work after the heat we mounted. Today, he shared the certificate as he just collected it. Notice that the university could not have issued it without a valid passport as they put the passport number in certificates issued to foreign students. So, those arguing they did not have that experience in the US, UK, and {my village} are totally wrong.

Once again, congratulations young PhD. You have joined the most prestigious club in the world. I got mine for career insurance because to my knowledge, there is always a job  for PhDs – and that means you can try whatever you want in life. If the worst comes, there is always a school to teach!

Young people, PhD will never take you backward. In short, it makes people write your name before others. Why? Less than 0.1% can claim one. Get yours!!!.


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