The SwiftRiver Platform – Ushahidi Advanced Realtime Analytics

SwiftRiver is a platform that helps people make sense of a lot of information in a short amount of time. 


And that is the big one? Can this be used to help people manage their IDs online in real-time? These guys better approach credit and identify protection companies like Experian, Equifax and Transunion in US. If a customer signs up, this engine can comb the web to track if any social security is being traded or identify is being compromised. They can add this as a bonus and expand revenue sources besides the donations they are getting.
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Filter & Verify Real-Time Data

In practice, SwiftRiver enables the filtering and verification of real-time data from channels like Twitter, SMS, Email and RSS feeds.


Intelligence from the Web

SwiftRiver helps you curate real-time data and analysis on any topic or interest relevant to you or your organization.

Analysis & Insight

SwiftRiver helps users discover nascent relationships and trends in data sets that may appear to be unrelated.

Brand Monitoring

Setup streams that search for mentions of your brand or product online and manage social media campaigns (e.g. Twitter, SMS, email) from one dashboard.


Add Context to Content

SwiftRiver adds context to content using semantic analysis. Auto-categorize and classify email, twitter, text messages or news articles based on keywords.

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