The Tesla Equilibrium and Stable State, and Elon Musk’s Fun with The Blue Bird

The Tesla Equilibrium and Stable State, and Elon Musk’s Fun with The Blue Bird

It was in SS2 and the school’s annual science week in Secondary Technical School Ovim. My Chemistry teacher, Mr. Udeagu Jr, had selected me to showcase the reaction which happens when acid and base are added together to produce salt and water. A highly respected and venerable Chemistry teacher in the school, Mr. Ekeabu, had just left for further studies, and a new teacher had just taken over.

This new teacher was to earn his respect in our village and it was the science week; visitors, parents, other schools, etc were going to come, and students would run experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Automotive Tech, Woodwork Tech, and other subjects in the technical school.

But there was a secret: before the day of the experiment, the selected student would spend time with the teacher to prepare to make sure bad things never happen. Yes, you do not handle acid and base carelessly. In a session, my teacher explained everything; the reaction would reach “equilibrium” and when that happens, everything has attained a “stable state”. Before that happens, there would be a massive effervescence (bubbles of gas) and that is what will get many people excited. Make sure people are watching as that happens. The biggest fun is that effervescent effect; after that, the fun goes.

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Tesla went through that process. Many people wrote it off because the high priest, Elon Musk, brought a blue bird (yes, Twitter) home – and many got annoyed. But it looks like Tesla is in a stable state, Elon or not, and that has been validated again as it reported a really decent number during this tough time: “Tesla reported quarterly profit of $3.7 billion Wednesday, a record for the EV make”. Yes, a record and the blue bird did not distract. The stock is up 6% on after hours.

Elon has built SpaceX and Tesla to the level where he does not need to be denied the opportunity to play with his blue bird toy. Analysts should allow the world’s finest innovator to enjoy his life; SpaceX and Tesla have attained equilibrium and are in a stable state! Linear analysts should not be covering an exponential innovator, creating panic daily on how SpaceX is dead, Tesla is lost, etc. Simply, they do not help humanity!

Tesla reported quarterly profit of $3.7 billion Wednesday, a record for the EV maker that just missed analysts’ expectations of $3.8 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports. Still, the company beat guidance on earnings and revenue during a tumultuous period in which investors worried over sinking stock prices — and whether CEO Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter was damaging the brand. Tesla said boosting production and maintaining affordability will be priorities going forward. It recently slashed prices in several markets, including the U.S., in an effort to boost demand. (LinkedIn News)

Twitter Misses Rent Payments

Meanwhile, the blue bird continues the transformation it is currently undergoing since Elon Musk took over, LinkedIn reports: “Twitter is being sued by the landlord of its San Francisco headquarters for more than $3 million in alleged miss rent. Building owner SRI Nine Market Square says the social media company skipped a $3.4 million rent payment in December and a similar amount in January. In a complaint filed in San Francisco Superior Court, SRI says it used Twitter’s letter of credit to cover some of the missed payments but that the company still owes it $3.16 million. The U.K.’s Crown Estate — which manages a property portfolio belonging to the British monarchy — is also taking Twitter to court for unpaid rent at its central London offices.”


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One thought on “The Tesla Equilibrium and Stable State, and Elon Musk’s Fun with The Blue Bird

  1. How possible is it to deride or ridicule Elon Musk without sounding stupid? I mean, people who have zero practical skill, but in the name of ‘analysts’ and opinion leaders somewhat convince themselves that they are smarter than Elon Musk. We are running a speculative economy, as long as those sitting inside shiny towers in New York can push buttons, it does not matter how great your product is, or the number of people still demanding for it. World of wonders!

    Even the Twitter they have been attacking him for, haven’t they been witnessing tremendous changes and features Musk has brought there? The blue tick they ridiculed and chastised him for, that singular feature could end up becoming a money spinner for Twitter. Imagine having 20 million people paying monthly subscription of $8 for one year? You are looking at around $2 billion, something that was never considered a thing before now. By the time Musk is done with his Twitter reformation, the bluebird will become profitable.

    The man Musk remains several cuts above all those talking against him, he is far from being dumb.


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