The Three Labs in Vanguard Executive Masterclass

The Three Labs in Vanguard Executive Masterclass

Thank you for the registrations for the Vanguard Executive Masterclass which I will be facilitating on  27 & 28 Nov, 2019. As noted in the Masterclass structure , we will have 3 Labs:

Lab 1: One Oasis Strategy Lab

Lab 2: Your company 2.0

Lab 3: Double Play Strategy Lab

Once you register, get in touch with my digital team (email here) or drop your email with Vanguard team, we will be sending you the Discovery Questionnaire. It is a very simple questionnaire  which is designed for us to understand your business towards mapping the synthesis for the labs. My goal is to understand the core business frictions you are solving, and find mechanisms to help discover better paths during the labs.

Our theme is “Innovate and Grow with Digital: Redefining Organisational Competitiveness and Productivity”. We will examine frameworks, cases and models which are winning across markets and territories, and see how we can adapt them in your business.

Registration continues; call or send SMS to Vanguard team:

  • Jude on 08034187233
  • Ife on 09095372559

The amount is N150,000 per participant.


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