The Travails of Nigeria When Mines of Knowledge Are Attacked

The Travails of Nigeria When Mines of Knowledge Are Attacked

“How do you still comment on Nigerian matters? Do you know that in my school, intellectual conversation is dead. Everything is connected to your name and no data presented matters. I am tired of Nigeria; I cannot do my job without suspicions” (a friend lecturer in a university in Nigeria)

This trajectory is possibly what will make it harder for the nation to rise. I listened to a leaked audio of a governor [yes, that one], and how that governor used the tribe of a professor to rubbish his work. All the data presented did not matter. What mattered was where he came from!

The pursuit of knowledge brings liberation. The greatness of America comes through its capacity to create new knowledge, and apply it, ushering in mines of knowledge which renews and refreshes the nation, economically. In Nigeria, everything is about tribes with high voltage suspicion.

Be concerned if a political science student would be worried how his professor will grade his assignments because of his tribe, and not on the quality of his reasoning! We are destroying the fabrics of this nation.

Buhari did well in this sector.

  • Igbo man: They have paid you.
  • Hausa man: Happy you just discovered.

Buhari has destroyed this sector

  • Igbo man: FFK predicted it.
  • Hausa: You are a Biafran.

Yes, no matter what you write, there are people to offend, irrespective of your data. That is a concern for Nigeria – big time.


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