The Unbelievable BBNaija Data that Summed up the Situation in Nigeria

The Unbelievable BBNaija Data that Summed up the Situation in Nigeria

The most popular TV Reality Show, Big Brother Naija, has finally come to an end on Sunday, October 6, 2019.

You’d be surprised at the data collated from this most talked about TV Reality Show.

A data expert, Adedayo Ayodeji Faniyan collected and published a useful data analytics that summed up the whole situation in the country. According to him, he decided to work on the figures due to what he overheard his colleagues at work were saying. He said,

A few months ago, some people were arguing at the office about the most talked-about  BBNaija Housemate. I normally wouldn’t bother about it, but I saw an opportunity to solve a problem and put the discussion to bed. My team and I started collecting data with different keywords such as #BBNaija, Big Brother Nigeria 2019.”

Faniyan and his team started working on this from August 8th to August 25th, 2019. According to him, the data collected was massive and they had never imagined that they would collect that much.

Faniyan continued, ”Excel could not open the file which I was not surprised about it, so we used R/ Python to clean the Data removing all irrelevant tweets (promotional tweets).”

”Our findings was – a total of 11 million tweets were collected. 5 million tweets from this pool were not related to #BBnaija conversation, they were majorly promotional tweets with the hashtag and were deleted. We were left with a total of 6,223,189 tweets by 214,388 accounts. These were found to be related to the BBNaija housemates.”Faniyan

Faniyan concluded, ”In August, there were 4,179,480 tweets while September had 1,626,169 tweets between August 8-25, and September 1-7 and 27.  
25.22% of the tweets were posted between 12am to 11:59pm while others were posted in the later hours of the day.”

Faniyan shared the link to the complete data here.

This is a real staggering stats. It is not a good omen for the country as these people are majorly youths. According to a LinkedIn Influencer and a Giant Writer, Rosemary Egbo, ”When President Buhari called us lazy, we were all angry and attacked him on social media. I think we owe him an apology. The sad state of this matter is, these youths are unemployed. But you’ll be surprised that they took from the little money given to them by their parents to vote for these housemates.”

I bet you would be surprised that the majority of these people did not vote during the last election. They never even bothered to register for a voters card. When we were supposed to vote for a more competent and innovative leader, you won’t see them. They are not even concerned about the state of the nation but they are always on the internet blaming the government they never voted for. Well, I stand to be corrected though.

11 million tweets is massive, but it would be nice if we can get to see what the age bracket of this 11 million tweets were. That’s another analytics figure that would be quiet expressive.

Although I am not anywhere a fan of BBNaija as I think its a waste of necessary resources that needs to be channelled into more priority things in Nigeria, I commend Adedayo Ayodeji Faniyan for working on this.

Anyone who looks into these stats will definitely see that our youths are lazy. There are many innovative programs that could help the thinking and creativity of our youths, but they chose to spend all their limited time arguing on Twitter and trolling each other on Instagram about the best housemate. I am ashamed of our youths sometimes.

You can’t watch BBNaija from beginning to end and still blame the government for unemployment. Common! Use your head.

Read that over 200 million votes were recorded. Each vote costs 4 naira. Now let’s do the calculation – 200 million votes multiply by 4 naira, that’s equal to 800 million naira.

If the stats were to be true, that’s a whole lot of money made by the BBNaija organizers. What can the youth learn from this? – ”Always Think Creatively.”

Someone’s creative thinking has got millions of youths glued to the screen for months. Then he made over 800 million naira. Aside from that, there are many big companies that sponsored this TV Reality Show. The winner gets 60 million naira but a First-Class graduate gets 100,000 naira.

That summed up everything about our country.

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