The Web is Changing the Gaming Industry

The Web is Changing the Gaming Industry

Information and communicating technology (ICT) is changing the world. ICT has provided productivity gains making it easier to get many things done. From banking to entertainment, there is no sector which technology has not affected. That is a good thing because when technology penetrates across industrial sectors, we do see improvement in efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness.

But from ICT we have the internet which is changing the game entirely. The internet is offering highly level of distribution which is not constrained by any location or distance. In short there is no geography. And firms are moving to take advantages accordingly.

Yes, we do see across the world the transitioning of many industrial sectors into the digital domain. One that has taken shape over the last few years is broad entertainment with specificity on gaming. In the sub-sector gaming we have casino which continues to move online. The trajectory is very obvious because Internet helps the sector to scale without bounds. Unlike the physical space, the internet makes it possible for players like to distribute their services and reach their clients unbounded by geography and distance.

It saves them cost as they do not have to build game halls and also save their players money as they do not have to travel. All what matters is simply to go online and play 24/7 without any limitation on time and space.

I do recall when the web was coming alive at scale. That was when I started using Yahoo. I think it was around 1995. Yahoo was a priced commodity then: the storage was about 4MB and you needed to delete many contents even in SENT folder just to have space to send more emails. There were projections on the possibility of the email app. It progressed. The websites started arriving where companies had static pages to showcase their services and innovations. Those continue to exist. But over the last few years, we have seen a whole sector moved online.

Entertainment is one of the biggest beneficiaries and we continue to see its dimensions in many ways. From football to casino, the future of gaming is certainly online. The computing power and its processing speed have gotten better making it possible for individuals to effectively play at home without the need of going to Las Vegas, London or other cities there they can participate in gaming. Today, the laptop is the city with internet access. It is just one addition of the unbounded capabilities of the web and its disruptive effects to how global commerce works. The world has changed including the ecosystem of online gaming. The path to digital cannot be stopped: everything is going digital indeed.

Contributed by K.C. Beats

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