The World of Records – Get Some Great Records In Your Resume!

The World of Records – Get Some Great Records In Your Resume!

There are things you cannot explain. Liverpool continues to win in the English Premiership. If they have not scored in the last 5 minutes in this season, they may be mid-table. But somehow, Liverpool keeps finding the nets, ripping the hearts of Manchester City fans. That Roberto Firmino‘s goal five minutes from regulation, shortly after Wilfried Zaha had brought Crystal Palace level is a goal for a team that could see the glory [I switched off when that happened, not a fan!]. Of course, the most amazing game today is really Man City winning over Chelsea.

Then, the Spurs winning over West Ham as the special one,  Jose Mourinho, returns. There is a business lesson there: people with prior great results continue to be recycled despite the abundance of new people looking for opportunities. You cannot make this up, as one CEO leaves one job for another job, and another CEO from another company fills it up. Jose has moved from FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Chelsea, ManU, {vacation in my village}, and now is gifted another via Spurs. 

Why? He has the rings – Champions League which means he is validated, and no human can dispute his pedigree despite the effervescence of near-relegator with Chelsea a few seasons ago.

That is what happens in America football – the NFL. You cannot be retained as a  TV expert-analyst if you have never won the Superbowl, either as a coach or as a player. Without the rings, Jose would be expanding the size of his TV to watch the games in his house.

Records, Records build careers. Even when they begin to fade, the kingmakers always default to the man or woman with records. Get some great records in your resume!


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One thought on “The World of Records – Get Some Great Records In Your Resume!

  1. Whether in politics or business, whenever there’s uncertainty or confusion, the default choice is to go back to those who ‘had done it’ before, always!

    People will always fall back to ‘safe options’, experimentations have their limits, when push comes to shove, you go back to the veterans…

    There are people you can never dislodge, because they have accumulated enough credits and goodwill, so even when they fumble, it’s seen as just a blip. When you are known, you don’t really have to prove anything to anyone again, the calls will keep coming.


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