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The Youth’s Amazing Playbook in Osun State

The Youth’s Amazing Playbook in Osun State

It is too early as we wait for the final results in Osun state. But I want to commend the Nigerian youth. What an exceptional operational execution. Did you see the playbook? They picked someone they believe will anchor their future and they went into markets, communities, etc with loudspeakers and recruited their parents.

Who would you believe? Your son/daughter or one strange politician on whom to vote? That is how you win your future – devise a strategy that connects the power of mobile energy with get-out the votes and spread the vision. #respect to young people.

And did you see how they organized? They are not picking parties – they are picking candidates? If they like a PDP guy, they ask others to bulk-vote for that person. If they like an APC, the same happens.  What this means is simple: irrespective of your party, if you have good records, you will keep your job as they are not after parties.  It is too bad that our political science professors are on strike but this is amazing. In Osun, they connected the cyberspace and meatspace.

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And did you see what happened in Sokoto today? That procession? #believe . We simply want the right person, irrespective of the party!

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My Response to a comment: Actually, LP Youth endorsed the candidate for PDP Youth in Osun. They did not like the LP candidate in Osun and asked everyone to support PDP. As I noted, our political science professors are on strike. If not, they could have explained what is happening. I am an engineer and have no good understanding of this. But I can tell you this – look beyond party. If you see this as APC vs PDP vs LP, you will be tripped.

Comment: ….this made the south west a unique set of people in Nigeria Politics. No religion or Party sentiments. Since 1999, South west has produced Governors across different Political parties (AD, ANPP, PDP, APC and Labour Party) and religion lines. Yoruba tenet of ‘Omoluabi’ (Good Character) which reflect in their political activities must be emulated by other regions of the County to produce credible candidate in respective of Political or religion affiliations.

My Response:  It has nothing to do with tribe, I will say. If you are counting party, no single state in Nigeria has produced more governors from more parties than Imo State. They have PDP, APC, PPA, APGA. What is happening in SW is that it has become a huge lab with two of its 6 states outside the general election day (Ekiti and Osun); no other region has that.


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