Home Community Insights This is how to make the most out of your mobile app while betting on sports

This is how to make the most out of your mobile app while betting on sports

This is how to make the most out of your mobile app while betting on sports

Not many people use PCs for betting on sports because they don’t have access to it most of the day. However, thanks to some of the best mobile betting apps, sports bettors can bring the fun with them wherever they go.

There are different kinds of apps to pick from, and they focus on different things, but most of the attention given to the 1xbet mobile app is about its sportsbook because it’s on another level. 1xBet is among the few sites that give mobile bettors a desktop experience from the palm of their hands. Naturally, this attracts a lot of online punters, even those who do not have a lot of experience.

Despite the perks of mobile betting, not everyone knows how to make the most of them while punting on sports. That’s why this article will go over some things everyone must keep in mind.

Watch the events live on your smartphone

There are several reasons why 1xBet has one of the world’s leading mobile applications, and one of them is because of the features and options. The operator provides a lot more options than the rest, and all of them are available to mobile users. One is live betting because it allows people to punt on all kinds of live matches no matter where they go.

The best thing about 1xBet is that it takes it one step further by providing live streams. This is one of the features you won’t find on many operators, but those that offer it will allow clients to watch a variety of live events.

Whether you get the app from 1xbet or use the company’s mobile site, some of the matches will have live streaming. You can check whether the feature is available by looking for the specific TV icon next to the event. However, remember that this feature requires a lot of mobile data, so you may have problems.

Settle bets on the go

While talking about 1xBet features, Live Streaming is only one of the options that this operator will give you access to. The brand also provides another really popular feature – Cash Out. When used, sports bettors have the power to stop their bet and get a specific amount of money that depends on the likelihood of predicting their bet.

Even though other online betting operators also offer this option, 1xBet is among the few that will allow you to use it on your mobile device. This means you no longer need to have access to a PC to settle your bet. Instead, you can place the bet, keep track of it and settle it from the palm of your hand.

Use the mobile-optimized bonuses

Even though we expected to find a unique promotion for online bettors that is only accessible on the go, this wasn’t the case. Despite the fact that 1xBet has an impressive range of propositions, none of them are only for mobile devices. However, gamblers who bet on the go can use all of them on their handheld devices, regardless of what they punt on.

There is no single reward from this sports betting site that isn’t available on the go. People who want to punt on football, eSports, or something else that has bonuses for it can use them and have an even better experience.

Use the dynamic odds

As mentioned earlier, 1xbet is among the few online bookmakers whose betting app allows users to punt on live events. Aside from all the features, this section also allows bettors to use dynamic odds. The latter change depending on the course of the game, which means people can get better odds if they keep an eye on the specific match.

Despite the fact that the dynamic odds are also present on other bookmakers, most sites don’t offer them for mobile clients. Luckily, 1xBet is different, so everyone with the app or the mobile site can use them.

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