Thriving Against All Odds

Thriving Against All Odds

In our ideal world- a world we picture in our minds, we don’t see any odds. In this world we all see our dreams come true, we see the world cheering at us, lots of congratulations from friends and family, lots of achievement tagged to our name. We see a perfect world.

But in reality, that kind of world does not exist, it only exists in our minds. You live in the real world where odds can either be a motivation or a stumbling block to us. In this world dreams come true but you have to make them come true. In this world, it is not perfect. There are a lot of challenges, opposition, discouragement and so on. In this world you have to find a way of thriving to bring those dreams you see in your ideal world come true.

Now that we understand an ideal world exist in our minds, let’s see how we can thrive against all odds in the real world.

So what are the odds? Odd are the likelihood of an event happening. It is also the possibility of an event taking place. Thriving against them is like swimming against the tide because not everyone would like to go against the tide, they would rather go with the tide.

We can all thrive instead of striving. A person who strives is only striving because that’s the only option or only means of survival. But a person who thrives, thrives with a purpose, does not see thriving as a means of survival even if it might be the only means of survival at the moment but thrive to make a name and impact.

We can thrive against all odds if,

We understand what we are thriving for

We need to understand what we are up against, understand what impact or value it will bring to our lives. A basic understanding give us an insight of what we are up against.

Evaluate the odds

A good evaluation of possible odds help us understand the likelihood of achieving success. Evaluating the odds helps us to know what It is going to cost us in achieving our desired results.

Be prepared

In our ideal world we see no reason to be prepared because everything would always go according to plan. But in our real world, it is a different scenario, most dreams don’t go according to plan, we might need to make some adjustments in our plans in achieving our dreams as we go further.

A better preparation would be to consider all odds, know the likelihood of achieving success then have faith.

We can all thrive if we are determined, it won’t come easy but we can keep our faith alive if it is worth fighting for.

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