Don’t Burn Bridges – A Case Study of Frank Lampard

Don’t Burn Bridges – A Case Study of Frank Lampard

When you need to leave a client, boss, company or relationship, ensure you don’t burn bridges as much as possible.

Looking at the story of Frank Lampard, a Chelsea legend. Just like everyone, I expected him to retire at the club but he wasn’t given a lengthy contract. According to Chelsea policy, they don’t offer players in their 30s a lengthy contract. Lampard had to leave after his contract with Chelsea expired.

One would have expected him to fume about it being a great servant of the club, but he chose to take the exit route without complaining. He didn’t burn bridges. Even when he played against his former club – Chelsea, he didn’t celebrate his goal against them. That solidified the relationship between them.

When Chelsea needed a manager to carry on from where Maurizio Sarri left, Lampard was the name on everyone’s lips. He was appointed to steady the ship.

This made me pause a bit and reflects on the word, ”Relationship”.

It’s important to leave each other on good terms. Sometimes, some things are not meant to work out but leaving a hard feeling won’t solve the matter. We could meet each other at some time  or be needing each other’s help in the future.

I’ve seen workers leave a company or boss with bridges burned totally. Life is too short to harbour grudges. If you don’t like your boss or company, ensure you do it in a respectful way before leaving because relationships matter in life.

You might need that abandoned boss, partner, colleague or friend in the near future. But what happens when the memories left was an awful one. It means hatred would continue to thrive on.

Pick up your phone, send a mail or voice note to someone you ended a relationship in a bitter way. Make amends. Repair the bridges burned. It’s a small world, we will definitely see again.

Besides, forgiveness is about you and not them.

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