Tips on how to create striking PowerPoint presentation

Tips on how to create striking PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint skills are of great demand and those who excel at making presentations can win the audience, create impeccable reputation and boost a career.

 Why it is wiser using pre-designed PowerPoint templates?

You might be computer savvy and expert in creating PowerPoint presentations from the scratch, still there are cases when it is wiser to choose professionally designed PowerPoint templates – like lack of time or if you are facing an important meeting.

Basic tasks involved in making a presentation include slide setup that depends on content type, amount of images, diagrams, charts, statements and quotes. Those, who using pre-designed templates from Poweredtemplate has only to fill in the necessary data, add charts and images other relevant content and presentation is ready. Ready templates solve the problem of time, consistency and overall view of your presentation and create professional looking document.

 How to make a powerful impact with PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint presentations are used everywhere these days and everyone is expected to have those skills that guarantee creation of impeccable slides. Here are basic recommendations on how to make and prepare yourself for performing in front of the audience:

  1. Don’t improvise. Stick to your presentation plan. Carefully study all information that your PowerPoint presentation will includes – in this case you will visualize it and filling slides with data will be much easier. Make sure your performance has all basic parts: introduction, middle part and conclusion. Be consistent.
  2. Control the flow of information and outline one question at a time; make sure that corresponding slide is displayed and bullet points are used correctly as they will attract attention of the audience and outline the essential piece of information making it more memorable.
  3. Presentation design should be in order: avoid overusing flashing text, fades, swipes – anything annoying; only use fonts that are easy to read, such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or Calibri. Decorative font should be used only in headings – Georgia and Baskerville are best choices. The colour of the text should be chosen accordingly to the colour of the background – dark text on a lighter background. Don’t forget to align your text: centered text is harder for perception and reading so it is better to choose left or right alignment.
  4. Images should be used wisely and appropriately in order not to distract but to add visual interest as well as keep audience engaged in the process.
  5. Don’t forget that your slides are only the part of your presentation and try not to read from the screen but to add some additional information, make jokes.
  6. Communicate with your audience, ask questions and you will know whether they are following and you are in sync or explain something better before moving to the next slide.
  7. Don’t underestimate rehearsal. Before your big day ask friends to be your listeners and you can count on their honest opinion. They will indicate your strong and weak sides.

Mastering your PowerPoint skills must be part of your daily routine in order to keep up with the rest of the world.


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