Traffic-geddon To Begin In Lagos As Nigeria Closes 3rd Mainland Bridge for 6 Months

Traffic-geddon To Begin In Lagos As Nigeria Closes 3rd Mainland Bridge for 6 Months

The Nigerian government plans to close the 3rd Mainland Bridge for necessary repairs. The plan is to complete the work within six months!. Yes, 6 months. Channels TV reports that the shut down will begin on July 24. Call it a Traffic-geddon in Lagos. Lagosians, this 2020 na wa ohh!

The Federal Government is set to shut the Third Mainland Bridge for six months starting from Friday, July 24.

This was confirmed by the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Olukayode Popoola.

According to him, consultations are ongoing for another phase of repair works to begin on the 11.8km bridge.

Popoola explained that the work will commence on the outward mainland section of the bridge, and the ministry is working with relevant agencies to perfect traffic during the period.

The bridge has gone through a series of repair works and was last shut in August 2018 for a three-day investigative maintenance check.

There have also been reports of some worn-out expansion joints on the structure, raising concerns over the state of the bridge.

This development will force motorists in Lagos who ply the bridge to begin making arrangements for alternative routes.


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4 thoughts on “Traffic-geddon To Begin In Lagos As Nigeria Closes 3rd Mainland Bridge for 6 Months

  1. Six months…

    Isn’t it possible to close one side and redirect traffic on the other, and when one side is completed, same done on the other side? Hope the repair will serve for number of years, before another round of closure can be entertained.

    Flying objects will be needed at scale now, you cannot be fighting Covid-19 in the midst of daily gridlock; and remote work isn’t applicable to critical mass of the population.

    Nigeria needs to be creative here, it cannot be another Lagos-Ibadan expressway mess.

    The struggle continues…

    1. Well said Francis. The government would have to inform the commuters of alternate routes and not just tell them to figure it out on their own. It’s called rerouting. I believe that the government will equally benefit from the economic and business transactions that would continue.

  2. I hope an alternative route is provided, if not it would be hardship being imposed on the majority of already impoverished populace. A country where it’s the masses that teach the government what to do. How did we allow imbeciles to rule us? This must change.

  3. Nearly six months of lockdown, and you couldn’t use that opportunity to work on the roads! What kind of humans do we have in government? Must we apply knee jerk approach to everything? Shameful


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