Training on Remote Work Administration At Tekedia Institute

Training on Remote Work Administration At Tekedia Institute

Good People, this is an update on the Remote Work Administration training which we have added as part of Tekedia Mini-MBA special live sessions. We will communicate to all members on the protocol via the Board.

But note this: our Institute wants to provide training in an emerging trend of the future where people are expected to develop capabilities to manage projects and people remotely. We are partnering with a  Florida-based company called Krozu to do the training and its staff will handle it. I just spoke with the team yesterday and we are finalizing the process.

Can you work remotely or can you manage remotely, effectively? We hope you can answer YES after this process. We will provide tools for this emerging domain.

Besides the Remote Work Administration, there is also another special session on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Decentralized Finance to be handled by Lagos-based Bitfxt and BoundlessPay. Then Infoprive, a cybersecurity and digital forensics firm, handles the last on digital security.

We invite you to register and join Tekedia Mini-MBA.

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