Ugandan Mobile Player BlueCube is #1 Sports Content Provider to Telcos in the Country. Delivers Bible, Jokes, News And Other Contents 24/7

BlueCube is a mobility player in Uganda and and has been operational since early 2007.  They focus on  delivery of mobile content, partnering with Mobile Telecom companies, to deliver a range of services for entertainment, utilities, marketing, education, etc. It was recently ranked the #1 content service provider for sports in Uganda on MTN, UTL, WARID and AIRTEL.  Running off our short code 8777 across the networks, it is the preferred source of News, Sports, Jokes, Bible, Forex and lots of other info on the phone both in English and Luganda updated hourly. 24-7.



The proprietors of BlueCube have a robust history in VAS provision with over 8 years experience in the development and promotion of mobile value-added services. It’s against this background that BlueCube was formed to bring these strengths and competences to further entrench mobile phone usage and increase the ARPU for the benefit of our partners and us.



To become a regional and global leader, delivering high quality, affordable and cutting-edge mobile services and establish high profile relationships with Telecom Companies, clients and mobile subscribers in Uganda and beyond.



BlueCube has a presence in neighbouring countries Rwanda and Tanzania. Our goal is to move beyond East Africa and export all the good we have learned to other parts of the world while bringing home experiences from abroad.




At BlueCube, we make heavy use of Open Source software and promote the adoption of open standards.




  1. Responsiveness – we’ve made sure our customers and partners receive responses and query resolution within minutes of logging queries; and for cases where conditions have not permitted, within 24 hours at worst.
  2. Flexible – we use homegrown solutions and change our products on a regular basis based on customer feedback.
  3. Reliable – we have taken great pains to ensure high availability of our services.
  4. Customer focused – we provide phone, email, and toll-free SMS support consistent with our corporate objectives
  5. Cost effective – BlueCube was the first company to propose and implement toll-free messaging as a way for customers subscribing & unsubscribing for our service,  bridging a very important gap in service delivery



  1. CBS Akaboozi
  2. Uganda Performers Rights Society
  3. MTN Uganda
  5. Warid Telecom
  6. Uganda Telecom

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