Until you love yourself, you cannot make yourself better!

Until you love yourself, you cannot make yourself better!

Love yourself and I mean you – yes, yourself. Many of us do not really like ourselves. Until you begin to appreciate you, you will not have the energy and motivation to move to the next level. Career challenges do come but you are built to overcome them. The finest cryolite – a precious gem – comes out of the periwinkle when the shell is cracked. You will not crack but you may be scratched – to prepare you for a higher call. Should that happen, do not make it about you – see it as the preparation to move into the phase when you will discover the gem.  Until you love yourself, you cannot make yourself better!

The cryolite is a precious gem. Some of the finest types are made from periwinkle. But that only happens when the animal shell is cracked.

Many who rose to the mountaintop like Nelson Mandela experienced the cracking of their shells. But instead of the agonies of pains, they released abundance and hope, elements of societal priceless gems, which changed the destinies of people.

The key is this: do not give up because the NEXT chapter could be awesome.

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  1. You enjoy peace of mind only when you live your own life, the trouble begins from the moment you choose to live another person’s life, from there comes identity crisis. If you cannot reflect or think about yourself and feel great, then you have a problem. Nothing is sweeter than reminding yourself that there is no another you elsewhere. Your uniqueness cannot be replicated, so take time and savour the moments, it is by loving yourself that you can qualify to love others or anything else. Celebrate yourself!
  2. The Holy book says “Love thy neighbor as yourself ” Yourself- The only way to spread goodwill is to have goodwill- Inside out! When you consider yourself as a Blessing to Humanity you would spread love, promote unity and share kindness to your fellow man. Look deeply into yourself find what makes you unique, refine it and make the world a better place! Good evening everyone!

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