Video Streaming Platform Netflix Revamps iPhone App With Latest Modernized User Interface

Video Streaming Platform Netflix Revamps iPhone App With Latest Modernized User Interface

Video streaming platform Netflix has revamped its iPhone app by giving it a modernized user interface.

The tech Giant no doubt seeks to improve users’ experience by introducing new card transitions, new animation for both the launch and the profile screens, updated haptics, and many more.

When users tap any program’s art cover, it expands to reveal all the information about the program. Also, the “coming soon” page has been changed to “what’s new” as it now displays users recommended items.

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Other latest features include a new billboard layout that responds as users move their device which comes with a subtle lighting effect and a new card transition that’s fully interruptible/interactive.

Reports disclose that the tech giant began working on the project in 2022 after former UI designer at Netflix Janum Trivedi disclosed that last year, he has been leading a UI refresh to make Netflix feel more fluid, delightful, and polished.

Previously, the card transition was less fluid on the app. When a title is selected, the info section would simply slide up. Now, the new card transition shows the card grow bigger, and then the information opens into a full-screen version.

The former Netflix employee disclosed that the tech company is “giving it some love” for the Apple TV version of its app while disclosing that Netflix may eventually release a redesigned user interface for tvOS.

He also posted a video on his Twitter handle where he made a quick test run of Netflix’s latest UI feature which is no doubt appealing.

Also speaking on Netflix’s latest UI design on the iOS app, a spokesperson said, “We recently updated the Netflix iOS app with better visuals, more responsive interactions, and motion design.

“This latest global update includes features like a new style for promoting what to watch, thematic background on your favorite shows and movies, new profile animations, and more”.

Last year, Netflix released an option in its iOS app that takes users to its website in order to finish a new Netflix subscription.

The Netflix app now uses the new iOS API for reader apps that takes the user to an external website before making a subscription.

It is however interesting to note that due to recent antitrust investigations, Apple has finally allowed some types of apps to offer alternative subscription methods outside of the App Store without having to pay a commission to the company. 

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