We Are All Techies

We Are All Techies

In this piece, Amara Sesay contends that the reason why most people are not considering a role in technology is because of a limited understanding on the scope of Technology. He argues for a new understanding of technology. 

Don’t be confused when people tell you they are into tech. Tech is not a world people enter into and leave the rest of mankind waiting for crumbs that drop from that world, high above. Tech is the ENABLER  for everything there is to life. The very medium through which we came this far as humans. So, all of us made this happen together! It is the collective heritage of everybody as long as they once breathed in a place called earth.

Tech enhances and brings ease to what could have been an improbable or  even impossible to achieve. It gives meaning and adds flavour to the laborious Science of  Everyday Survival. Tech is our collective effort at injecting ease injected into an otherwise difficult process of learning, moving, doing business, etc.

So, what Techies do with these  high sounding phraseologies from Coding to Machine Learning  is to keep off the less courageous men and women from a field that could have  otherwise been the choice of everyone. The same trick has been used by people in the legal profession over the centuries to create a facade of a world that is broadly and brutally divided between learned (read: legal minded) people and laymen. If you take your time to study all those  jaw breaking Latin words and phrases that mostly spice legal discourse, you will discover that they are saying the same things your mother always told you: stay out of trouble!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, you are a techie short of the jargons and a rucksack!  Damn the Silicon Valley hype, you don’t even need a hoodie or a garage. You need you, all of your brain/mind. That’s all! You are just a mentor, two courses and three months away from techie guy you always wanted to be . But it  takes a lot of commitment, asking, peer learning and resilience. Many things will go wrong in the beginning and that is where persistence and emotional support of mentors come to play. Now, are you still sitting there. Get up and get stupid about learning new codes and designs. When? Now!

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