We Support Job Seekers To Become Independent And Have Careers – An interview with Ramat Adeniyi

We Support Job Seekers To Become Independent And Have Careers – An interview with Ramat Adeniyi

There are many youths in Nigeria striving to make a change. Despite the economic hardship and uncertainties surrounding the future of the country, we still have many youths out there who are not willing to give up.

They say, ”When life knocks you down, you either stay down and accept defeat or get up and carry on.”

But it seems some of the youths are not ready to stay down, they are willing to stand up and give a fight. They are ready to challenge the status quo. While doing so, they are also bringing others along.

They say you don’t need to have it all to make a change, start with what you have. Start with what’s in your hands. Ramat is definitely starting with what’s  in her hands.

Here’s a brief chat we had a few days ago pertaining to her entrepreneurship journey and her new organization:

Can we get to know you better?

My name is Adeniyi Rahmotallahi Folashade. I am an entrepreneur in cakes and pastries industry, a content developer, and a social impact enthusiast. I am also the founder of the newly launched Minds’ Companion Initiative (MCI).

I would call you a business mogul with everything you have listed above. That inspires me when I see young minds making a change in this economic hardship. How did the entrepreneurship journey started?
Thank you, Chinedu!

It all started from trying to fulfill a passion. Passion leads all my endeavors in entrepreneurship. Business comes in the process of doing what I love and what gets me fulfilled. And that has been the secret behind my excellence.

From one of your responses above, I noticed you just launched your organization, MCI. Can you share more details about the organization, please?
Of course, I will gladly do.

The newly launched organization is Minds’ Companion Initiative. It’s a Non Government Organization that aimed to care for the well-being of youths through mentorship, charity and mental health advocacy. It addresses the sustainable development goal 3 and 11.

The foundation is a catalyst for positive change that believes in the power of impactful human connection in facilitating the well-being of youths towards maximizing their potential. The foundation’s operations will be on a project basis, and the first project will kick off soon.

That is quite interesting. What birthed this vision?
It is the willingness to help people, Chinedu.

I personally get joy and fulfillment from caring for the well-being of the people around me. I have been doing this for a long time with my close friends and relatives, ensuring everyone is making progress in life with my support,  encouragement and guidance. But now, I have decided to take it beyond my family and friends.

You said your foundation’s operation will be on a project basis, which will be kicking off soon. Can you shed more light on what the project will entail?
Minds’ Companion Initiative’s first project will be themed – “The Awakener”.

It is a 6 months mentorship program that involves formal mentor-to-mentee matching and proper follow-up. The goal of this project is to enable youth to maximize their potential and achieve more through a push in the right direction by a superior(mentor).

This looks like a project that will take a whole lot of expertise. How have you been able to pull them (expertise) together?
Yes, it requires some experts in different fields and I must admit that it has not been easy being a non-profit making project that needs experts at no cost. But God has been good.

We are putting things together. The Project Manager who is also a graduate of Project Management has good experience in the Mentorship Program, which makes her a good fit for the task.

As we continue to stay true with the goal of the project, I believe other things will fall in place as planned.

I need to add this, we need professionals that are willing to help people grow to join us as mentors because the number of mentors we get will help to determine the number of mentees we will bring on board.

That’s a great idea. I am one of the few who believes that women should also go into entrepreneurship. How do you think this is achievable in a continent like Africa?
Personally, I do not see obstacles in my way because I’m a woman. This is because I believe in myself and my vision irrespective of my gender.

Though society makes it seem impossible, it is very possible with the determination to get it done regardless of the challenges being faced with.

Our wonder women like Toyin F. Sanni, Dupe Akinsiun, Folorunsho Alakija, and many more who are our role models got there, we will get there too.

Definitely, you will get there because things are changing. Women are doing great exploits. The rate of unemployment is really alarming. We all can blame the government for all we can, but the truth is, everyone must take ownership. How do you think your organization will help young graduates to achieve this goal?
The first project of the organization which is “The Awakener” will go a long way in helping young graduates in their careers.

The project is aimed at maximizing their potential such that they will get to achieve what they are capable of, beyond mere desire.

For instance, someone that has strength in Fashion Designer business will be guided by a mentor towards getting into the industry, someone that studied Civil Engineering and want to major in construction will be guided on the necessary skill sets to acquire in order to achieve the goal. I believe this will greatly help our youths secure a means of livelihood.

That’s more like connecting the dots. Seems like a very good initiative. But how can they register for this upcoming event?
You couldn’t have said it better, Chinedu.

The applications link will be out in a few days. All interested youths should follow our social media pages. The information will be shared on our pages as soon as it is out.

Can you share your social media pages?
Instagram and twitter: @the_mci
Facebook: @themci1

Thank you, Ramat, for the chat. I wish you and your team an outstanding success in your upcoming project and career as well.
It’s my pleasure, Chinedu. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Keep doing great work.

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