Tekedia Mini-MBA Week 17 Session Is On Planning Careers

Tekedia Mini-MBA Week 17 Session Is On Planning Careers

This week, the session is on planning your career. This is necessary after the paralysis of job dislocation due to Covid-19. This was not originally in the syllabus of Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 1, but we do think that some of our members may need clarity on this issue. A business leader and Tekedia Mini-MBA Faculty, Captain Ola Olubawale, is leading the session. With a career covering global energy giants, working in Nigeria and Australia, and leading global teams, Captain explains with frameworks and life lessons on how we can create that future we hope to predict.

Our goal here is to use a testimonial to push our members not to leave most things to chance. Like I noted in my introduction video, one of the reasons I decided to get a PhD in engineering was to buy career insurance. Yes, I am yet to see any person with a PhD in any of the core four engineering areas (EE, Mech, Chem & Civil) in Africa that does not have a job! If everything fails, there is always a university to teach somewhere in Africa. 

Get to the Board for the session.

The next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA begins June 22.



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