Week 2 Session “Business Systems & Processes” Is Live – Tekedia Mini-MBA

Week 2 Session  “Business Systems & Processes” Is Live  – Tekedia Mini-MBA

The Week 2 of Tekedia Mini-MBA is live on the Board. The focus this week is  Business Systems & Processes, and three faculty members are leading the session:

  • The Grand Playbook of Business – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe
  • Process Improvement and Operations Management – Rasheed T. Adebayo
  • Quality and Asset Management – Michael Odigie

I begin by looking at what it takes to start and build a company, and how the processes work. My premise is that all members are starting something, as project champions in existing (matured) companies or entrepreneurs in startups. Yes, every person is either an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur.

Then Rasheed picks from there, looking at how to improve those processes and advance operations in his fascinating videos. He shared some experiments on how to avoid traps of operational paralysis.  As you build, you need to ensure quality and have clarity on factors of production; Michael explains how we can build with quality excellence. Go to the Board for Week 2.

1. Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA here (Aug 10 - Dec 3). Four months, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 naira. We also have Certificate courses on logistics, startups, career dev, etc.
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