Welcome East African Students To Tekedia CollegeBoost

Welcome East African Students To Tekedia CollegeBoost

Tekedia CollegeBoost is honoured to welcome many students from East African universities. These students are already well prepared by their schools; our contribution at the Institute is to deepen their understanding of the mechanics of market systems. 

Our partner, Corporate Career Academy (CCA), has one mission – link academia and industry – and we are excited that Tekedia will help bridge that gap. I want to welcome all of you to the Institute.

Next week, a new course on Workplace, Productivity and Automation will be added. And we are working with more global and local partners to make sure that as you transition from schools to companies, you would be ready.

  1. Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 6 – May 6 2023) here. Discounted price is N60,000 or $140 by Jan 27; price rises afterwards.
  2. Join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups here.

We are very excited to host everyone, and thanks for coming. For more on Tekedia CollegeBoost, click here.


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