What is biometrics and how can biometric technology can help Nigeria?

What is biometrics and how can biometric technology can help Nigeria?

We asked this question to Mr. Felix Onyema, the Founder of Pawaak and he responded as follows?

– Specifically, share with us how this biometric technology can help Nigeria?

Thank you very much for this question. Before I share with you how this Biometric Technology can help Nigeria, let me give a little brief or summary of what Biometrics is for the benefit of people who do not know much about it, its features and how it can to be used, how other parts of the world have really harnessed the importance of Biometric and how we Nigerians and Government can leverage on this Technology, etc.

What Are Biometrics? Biometrics refers to the automatic identification or identity verification of living persons using their enduring physical or behavioral characteristics. Many body parts, personal characteristics and imaging methods have been suggested and used for biometric systems: fingers, hands, feet, faces, eyes, ears, teeth, veins, voices, signatures, typing styles, gaits and odors. This means that biometrics is the automated approach to authenticate the identity of a person using individual’s unique physiological or behavioral characteristics. Since it is based on a unique trait which is part of you, you do not have to worry about forgetting it, losing it or leaving it at some place. Since it is unique to you, it is more difficult for others to copy, duplicate or steal it. Thus in general, biometrics offers a more secure and friendly way of identity authentication

You can see that there are so many areas Nigeria can leverage on Biometric Technology. I know it was used in the Registration of Voters using the Technique called E-Registration for the last General elections .The main essence of using this Technique of registering voters is to avoid double Registration. So I expect the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to start now to plan for using Electronic Voting process known as E-Voting to conduct the 2015 general elections. Yes, we can say that the last Election was free, fair and credible even the international community attested to that, yet we have heard and seen people trying to go to court to challenge some of the Elections, Presidential and others. But with the E-Voting, if well implemented, the issue of Election rigging will be totally eliminated. But with Technology adopted in E-Voting, it will be an impossible task to rig or manipulate elections results. PAWAAK Technologies Ltd offers to help directly or indirectly to ensure that this is achieved irrespective of the infrastructural problems and challenges in Nigeria we would proffer solutions on how it can be done efficiently and effectively to achieve the desired result. Other countries of the world like Bangladesh has used this Technology successfully, theirs is regarded as one of the highest E-Voting process in terms of voters’ numbers in the world. This can be adopted in Nigeria to avoid and prevent thuggrey, manipulations, intimidations etc. moreover, each vote will count and collation of results will be faster, easier and safer among other advantages.

Biometrics Technology can be used for Border control in Nigeria especially for frequent travelers. Help to checkmate Ghost workers, absenteeism in Federal, state, Local Government ministries and many more. I assure you with utmost sincerity and honesty there are a thousand and one areas we can leverage on this Technology in Nigeria although it is being applied in some areas but not yet enough as it can help to generate fund for Government, corporate organizations and individuals where necessary, improve productivity and guarantees safety , control Access on Restricted areas such as Bank’s vaults and Top Government offices, security agencies’ offices and premises,  car parks, create jobs,  etc .Who goes in and out and other security activities will be duly monitored and the audit trail will show who had Access at  what time, what did the person do and many more. The advantages of Biometric Technology cannot be over emphasized.


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