How To Position Your Company for Government Support [Video]

How To Position Your Company for Government Support [Video]

In business, one must develop strategies for operational efficiency in all the key business components. A key part of winning is knowing how to tap into government supports and subsidies especially in some strategic sectors where government has clear pain points. There is nothing wrong with that. General Electric operated for years in U.S. over the last few decades without paying corporate taxes. It has mastered how to operate, taking advantages of government subsidies in some areas. Apple partnered with Ireland to reduce its tax exposure in the European Union (EU) triggering lawsuit from the EU against Apple.

From Dangote Group to Carlos Slim’s Grupo Carso, they impose Conglomerate Tax on us, and that is a certainty of living.

In these videos, I explain how modern conglomerates design and execute such business processes.



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2 thoughts on “How To Position Your Company for Government Support [Video]

  1. Very interesting piece. but my question is, where then is the place of specialization? Dangote is rumored to have benefited from heavy political patronage.I’m not sure if it is his genius that led to his massive success but more of the direct support he got from the government. Nevertheless, He is a man I respect for his focus and tenacity. And thanks for this great blog !


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