What Your First Degree Does Not Get You, A Higher Degree May Not.

What Your First Degree Does Not Get You, A Higher Degree May Not.

I have noticed a trend. It is not a recent trend among graduates. When they are done with first degrees and could not secure immediate employment, the next bet would be to get a Master’s Degree.

It is so common that for every ten graduates you come across, six of them would be ready to go for further study not out of genuine interest or a clear picture of where it could take them, but simply because they have found it hard to get a job.

Many of them erroneously believe that an advanced degree would land them their dream jobs. Most, if not all the time, this belief is not true. Further academic degrees are meant to prepare not for the industry but for teaching. Most entry level jobs require a first degree. Any time a higher degree is sought, there must be required requisite experience.

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This is where a lot of graduates get it wrong. A class to class transition does not take you to the workplace. Rather such movement lands you in the classroom if you are lucky.

Experience is what you need to get a job, not a higher degree! Skills and certifications are what you must focus not an MSc or MA. A clearly planned path is what takes you to your job not more academic qualifications. Even if you are considering a higher degree, why not pick up a professional degree?

Please do not misunderstand this. This is because with a Master’s degree, you are qualified to teach in a university. Nevertheless, what the industry requires from you is the skills you possess and the value you are ready to offer. Those two give you the job.

Many graduates today in Nigeria are not competitive! A lot do not understand what they have spent four or five years of their lifetime in the university. Apart from the theories, Nigerian graduates are not clear on which value their degrees should ordinarily bring to the table. If you find it difficult, after having spent four years in the university, to define exactly what value should your qualification offer you and the society, then you are a candidate destined to stay long in the job market. You may eventually end up going for a higher degree which would not take you anywhere.

The only way to build your career and get a job is to be clear about what you intend to do and discover skills you can garner to position you well ahead of others. In doing this, you must have a clear vision of where you are heading. This would guide you in picking the right skills and certifications. It would also assist you to know the right place to secure the needed work portfolio and some experience. Good enough, it is easier to pick up skills online these days. They are free.

Always have it at the back of your mind: your first degree, supported with other certifications and skills plus experience, should be enough to open the door for you. And not a further academic qualification.

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