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Why Bluetooth Low Energy Will Transform Personal Area Network Connectivity

Why Bluetooth Low Energy Will Transform Personal Area Network Connectivity

Bluetooth Low Energy is a new power saving alternative of Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) technology, designed for use by internet connected machines and equipment. So little in fact that a device can be operated for a whole year using only small button cell.

When was it invented?

Even though the first of these chips to be manufactured in April 2009. These concept has been around for a couple of the year and with different names. Initially, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) come up with a concept it was known as Wibree. It was renamed as Ultra Low Power (ULP) Bluetooth Technology lately and then it has been given a name as Bluetooth low energy by the end of 2009.

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How can it be used?

Today BLE adoption is being driven by Fast growing Internet of Things (IOT). In the world of connectivity, Bluetooth Low energy is the next revolution of Bluetooth. It is invented to transfer data between two devices very proficiently and with consuming only less amount of power. How it can be work is best explained with an example.

For instance, you are wearing a sports watch which monitors your blood pressure and heart rate constantly even as you are out on a training run. Without taking any action, using Bluetooth low energy your sports watch will able to transmission the data to your phone and using a phone you will able transfer this data directly to your online website. Thus, your coach can observe it in real time or even you can analyze it.

Well, this is just one example for understanding and certainly there are many other excellent potential applications.

What is this technology- Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

Till now we have discussed to this new technology as revolutionary and evolutionary. We don’t want to make our readers confuse. This technology is both. It is revolutionary in what it will allow Bluetooth to accomplish in terms of new devices and applications. While it is also evolutionary in that it forms on conventional Bluetooth technology which covers the design experience that been already expanded.

Which new devices will use this technology?

We have already mentioned one example above of how data can be transfer from a sports watch and how it may be transferred directly to your online website through your phone. BLE may be used in other sports applications such as golf club, a sensor on a bicycle, bat racket and smart training shoes. Bluetooth low energy will useful for you to monitor your performance and it can be directly transferred to the internet. Apart from sports application, BLE can also use in health care field. For example, someone with blood pressure may use Bluetooth Low energy device to continually monitor their blood pressure level and this data can be transfer directly to that person physician or doctor.

Definitely, there is lots other application which is not involved in fitness and health. Suppose it can be used in household appliances, remote control and in other entertainment appliances. .

Cost of Bluetooth lows energy

Over the last couple of years, development of this new technology is much expensive. During the initial stages, huge amount of design work has been carried. On another hand, one of the best thing of Bluetooth low energy is less expensive. In devices such as phones, Bluetooth low energy will sit alongside dual mode devices. Actually, they will go to use a just single chip and it cost will be a net cost but this will be less.


Bluetooth Low Energy will available soon and this technology will be life changing that will enable evolutionary growth in the level of connectivity that can be accomplished between a new generation of devices, Bluetooth devices and the internet.

By Brijesh Kamani

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