World FM Day 2020, COVID-19: Makinde Seeks PPP for Facilities Management as State Reopens Economy

World FM Day 2020, COVID-19: Makinde Seeks PPP for Facilities Management as State Reopens Economy

Oyo state is one of the states in the south west region in Nigeria that has had a share of the Coronavirus pandemic. The state, like others in the country, has adopted and still applying a number of measures to stop the spread of the virus, which has infected over 70 people and led to death of one person.

To make life more meaningful for people and businesses as the state reopens economy, Governor Seyi Makinde has called for public-private partnership for redesigning, maintenance of existing infrastructure and ideas that could spur growth and development in the state. Governor Makinde made the call while delivering his keynote speech at the just concluded Roundtable organised by Alpha Mead, one of the leading total real estate solutions, marking the 2020 World FM day.

According to the Governor, there would be life after the pandemic. Hence, there is a need for investment in housing, healthcare and redesigning of markets to enhance social distancing enforcement. He wants companies in the industry to identify areas of collaboration and send proposals to the Oyo State Investment Promotion Agency. He assured investors of transparency in the selection process.

He noted that the measures taken by the government have really impacted the vulnerable in the state, saying adoption of foreign measures without local relevance will further increase the severe impacts of the pandemic on the vulnerable. “Nigerians are community-centred people,” he added.

Speaking to the theme of the event “Managing the environment in times of pandemic: People, Places and Technologies,” Governor Makinde stressed that people, places and technologies must work together before quality living could be achieved. He cited the use of science, data and logic by his administration for Covid-19 management. According to him, the collaboration with the University College Hospital, the upgrade of a facility to a level of testing infectious diseases among others have been helping in managing the pandemic.

Extolling the leadership and governance style of the governor, one of the participants said: “A key quality of Mr Makinde’s consistent strategic drive is in incorporating scientific methods with both economic consideration and political reasoning to achieve a common goal beneficial to all inhabitants of the State. This trait takes care of the shortfalls of the herd mentality which our administrators have been known for. Very beneficial and valuable bringing him on this platform.”




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