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Is It Still Worth Getting The iPhone 4?

Although it is over a year old and the iPhone 5 is set for release in just a matter of months, the iPhone 4 still remains one of the most popular phones that are available. But with a newer version likely to offer much more to consumers, does the iPhone 4 risk becoming obsolete within a short space of time?



The simple answer is no. Although the technology has moved on quite a great deal since the release of the iPhone 4 in the summer of 2010, including dual core processors, Near Field Communications (NFC) and various other developments, the phone still remains just as excellent as it ever was. Take for example the processor. The iPhone 4 features a single core 1GHz chip, which is surely not as powerful as all the new dual core phones that have recently come into existence. But it only takes a quick play around with phones like the LG Optimus 2X to see that processor speed doesn’t really guarantee much, as the LG phone is still a lot slower than the iPhone 4 and more prone to freezing up.



Or how about the screen? One of the biggest selling points of Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is its amazing Super AMOLED Plus display, yet the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 is still one of the most phenomenal phone screens that currently exists. It offers a sharpness and vividness that has not really been surpassed in a whole year. As well as being high quality visually it is also pretty sturdy thanks to the anti-scratch glass that it is made from.

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Of course the iPhone 4 still offers the same excellent software experience, with the App Store still providing plenty of fun games and apps to enjoy. While other phones, such as those running on Android, will often get locked down into an older version of the operating system with little chance of a timely update, the iPhone 4 is still compatible with the latest iOS 5 that is to be released with the next iPhone. Because of this, there is not much software wise that you will miss out on by going for the current model instead of the next.


There are not many other phones that still sell so well so long after they were first released, and the fact that the 12 month old iPhone 4 is still one of the top sellers and only just being knocked from the top spot in terms of sales really speaks volumes for this phone. The arrival of the iPhone 5 should serve to make the iPhone 4 on contract a little bit cheaper to get hold of, but in no way will it make it any less of an experience to own.

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