Xenophobic Attack Seems Political

Xenophobic Attack Seems Political

I’m thinking out loud here. The recent xenophobic attack in South Africa could be politically inclined.

Why did I say that?

Come to think of it, no reasonable human being would go about hurting people’s lives and businesses without a force behind it. There’s definitely a power backing these people which I suspect is political.

Perhaps, some cabals are against the South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa. This is Africa where the game of politics is dirty. Once a strong group of people do not agree with the ruling power, they find every possible means to frustrate the administration. Which could have been the major reason for the Xenophobic attack.

Perhaps, it’s been calculated like this, if we frustrate the present administration, the people will easily spot their incompetence and voice their dissatisfaction with the administration, making it easier for us to impose our own candidate to counter them. No wonder they say, ”politics is a dirty game.”

Yes, I agree. The players are dirty. The killing of Nigerians wouldn’t just start without any reason. Trust me, no sane person would do what South Africans are doing. Besides, there was no tangible reason for doing it.

I listened to the radio and saw the news on TV. I even read the newspapers online, the reason for the attack was vague. It seems everyone was coming up with something they could lay their hands on just to sell a large volume of printed materials or generate traffic online.

But the big question is, ”why can’t the South African President do something about it?”

Why can’t the police arrest these people causing mayhem in the country and punish them severely?

In Nigeria, those that disrupted the Shoprite business were apprehended and a warning was passed across to anyone who tries to purchase the stolen goods from the mall. This is how a reasonable leader should act. Get to the root of the matter and punish the offenders.

I read that South Africans had resumed this ugly act again. Which makes me draw my conclusion – Xenophobic attack seems political.

Ramaphosa definitely knows this and I think he is treading with caution on this issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if South Africa go down before December. They are digging their own grave with this barbaric act.

No country will want to associate with a country that is full of crime, neither would investors want to put their resources into such a place. This way, it would be difficult to survive the economic hardship that’s about to befall them.

This would be a major step back for them and Africa as a whole. We don’t want division. We want unity.

Africa must unite.

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