Yahoo Mail Basically Requires Mandatory Update – Someone Needs To Alert Them To Keep Yahoo Classic

Yahoo is making it mandatory for customers to upgrade to their new Yahoo Mail service. We do not know why Yahoo is doing this. The  new version of Yahoo requires a lot of computing memory and resource to work. The Yahoo Classic is simple and better as it is closer to web-based product requiring the least memory to run. But Yahoo has a different idea. This is an email we received and we think you will like to see what is coming, if you are using Yahoo Classic.




Dear user_email,

We appreciate that you have been with Yahoo! Mail for the past 3 years. We are looking forward to bringing you an even faster, safer, easier-to-use Yahoo! Mail very soon.

If you’ve already upgraded to the latest Yahoo! Mail, thank you.

If not, in about a month from the date of this email, when you sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account, we will ask you to upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail. But you don’t have to wait. You can have the newest Yahoo! Mail today.

You can upgrade now to the newest Yahoo! Mail if your browser is Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 4, or Chrome 5, or newer.

Upgrade Now

If you do not have one of these browsers, update your browser (it’s fast and free) and then return to this email and click the Upgrade Now button.
If you only access Yahoo! Mail on your mobile device, tablet or via POP, it is critical that you visit on your computer to see important information about the upgrade, then review and agree to the new Communication Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What You Can Look Forward To When You Upgrade

  • Faster email
  • The latest Yahoo! Mail spam-protection technology
  • Easier-to-use design
  • Unlimited email storage so that you can keep everything you want

When you upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail, everything in your account (messages, folders, contacts, etc.) will be there.

Learn more about the newest version of Yahoo! Mail.

Your Alternatives

  • If you’re not ready to upgrade now, we recommend that you upgrade soon.
  • You may access your current version of Yahoo! Mail, but we strongly encourage you to either upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail or review Yahoo! Mail Help for other options.


Thank You for Being A Loyal Yahoo! Mail User

We hope you enjoy the newest version of Yahoo! Mail.

David McDowell
Senior Director
Product Management, Yahoo! Mail

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