Yes, Indomie Noodles Makers Executed The One Oasis Strategy

Yes, Indomie Noodles Makers Executed The One Oasis Strategy

On Indomie Noodles Strategy, a LinkedIn user connected it to one of the core strategies I have formulated – the One Oasis Strategy: “[One] Oasis strategy successfully executed by Dufil  Prima foods in the Nigeria doddle market. Thank you for the Insight”.

For competitiveness, a company can allocate resources to support its best product (the oasis), providing a pipeline where other internal products can feed from the success of that best product. Simply, in some sectors, if you build your investment around the best product, you will find success, because those investments will have a clear internal “customer”, reducing market risks. In other words, if your new investments are geared to support the best product, and the best product is doing well, it implies the risks on the new investments will be easily managed. Provided the best product continues to flourish, good return on the new investment is assured (i.e. the customer exists, irrespective of the external market). That is the One Oasis Strategy.


In the One Oasis Strategy, the key element is to align business innovation to favour the best
product in the company on utility, value and cost which over time would help the firm
compete better externally. It is firstly an inward looking management system, and offers a
firm an opportunity to test strategies, models, business systems and production processes,
perfecting them before they are launched for outside customers. Yes, with one oasis, a firm
refines its process, technology and product, positioning it for success.

Amazon has ecommerce (the oasis) and invested on Amazon Cloud (AWS), making sure that AWS was initially focused to make ecommerce better. Dufil has Indomie noodles (the oasis), and everything has been done to make it better. I do think over time some of the elements (in Dufil) which are supporting the oasis will emerge as independent products like Amazon Cloud.

You can read the One Oasis Strategy here (pdf).


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