Yo! Is Mobile Money Version of Yahoo! – Ugandan Leading MM Aggregator

We actually thought that this was a Yahoo! division. No, it is purely an Ugandan payment company. It plays in the domain of mobile money.


Yo! Payments is a mobile payments aggregation service. Yo! Payments enables businesses to conveniently receive payments from their customers via mobile money, as well as make mobile money payments to any  mobile money account holder.


Value Offered
• Convenient Handling of Large Number of Inbound Payments
• Convenient Handling of Large Number of Outbound Payments
• Secure Web-Based Access to Account
• Multiple Security Features Such as Sub- Accounts with Limited Access, Withdrawal

• Freely available API for Website / SMS integration

• Designed to interconnect Multiple Mobile Money Providers. Enables businesses to receive payments from multiple mobile money platforms through a uniform interface.
• Multi-Currency. Yo! Payments is built to function with multiple currencies, enabling businesses to receive payments from foreign customers.


• Send and Receive Mobile Money
• Multi-Currency Support
• Internal Transfers
• API Integration
• Email Authorization for Withdrawals
• Sub-Accounts
• Withdrawal Limits
• Access Control and Audit Trail

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