Your Embedded Systems Store – Microscale Emdedded and Fasmicro

If you are looking for parts for your class projects, Microscale Embedded has all. Visit them and get your parts today. Or if you in the Southern part of Nigeria, you can visit Fasmicro office to get the same parts also. It is a partnership that works. From Microscale Embedded site


Our online store is designed to cater for students, hobbyist and research institutes who want to buy components in small quantities to produce their prototype.
Our range of components covers microcontrollers, LCD display, LED, sensors and transducers, modules for RF communications, GSM Modem, Finger print reader, etc. Customers who want to do production should use our contract design and/or manufacturing service, where they can get a lot of discount on their BOM.


Please browse through the categories below and use our online shopping cart to make your order. Completed orders will be processed as soon as payment is made to Microscale. Packages will be delivered to the customer by DHL or via other special arrangements, such as ABC transport.

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