YugaLabs is Set to Launch a Skill-Based NFT Game

YugaLabs is Set to Launch a Skill-Based NFT Game

The most prominent NFT brand Yugalabs, creators of BoredApeYC, Meebits, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, ApeDao and owner of CryptoPunks NFT has released a Youtube explainer video for the latest update on the Sewer Pass and Dookey Dash mint.


BAYC has teased a mint since the ‘Trial of Jimmy the Monkey’ video released on Christmas. More details were released on Jan 11 — turns out, the Sewer Pass unlocks a skill-based mint with a ‘Temple Run’-like minigame.

On January 18, Yugalabs will kick off Dookey Dash, a skill-based minting experience through the BAYC sewer. To get in, you need a Sewer Pass. The free claim for Sewer Passes opens January 17. Only BAYC/MAYC holders can claim Sewer Passes, but anyone with a Sewer Pass can play.

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BAYC has never collaborated on any of their previous NFT products/mints. Seems unlikely now 10ktf SAM is taking a lead role in the updated Roadmap 2.0. This is a core portion of Roadmap 2.0 released well before 10ktf even began.

I think many believe these are the next “big” blue chip. Including a large chunk of BAYC and Azuki holders. I think there will be a lot more regret at 60 Eth. And you just made the case for why that could happen.

We can never be sure. But it has all the ingredients. Since I’ve been in NFTs, it’s the first one that screamed BAYC level potential. Current price is all art and some speculation. With a roadmap this could. Meanwhile, everyone is stacking grails above the floor.

I don’t know why but my gut tells me GutterCatGang will be tied to bayc/ Otherside and everyone is waiting their turn for their “activation”. I keep seeing/ hearing that word around Otherside. Maybe it is hopium.

Both the Sewer Pass claim and skill-based Dookey Dash will close February 8th (exact time coming later). You get unlimited plays, but play at least once and score more than 0 to validate your Sewer Pass (which is tied to the wallet it’s held in).

On February 15th, validated Sewer Passes will be eligible to transform into a mysterious new power source. (Not a typo — the reveal date was previously set for February 8th, but we’re pushing it a week to validate Sewer Passes first).

Gary will be watching you in the sewer. Sewer Pass holders will compete for the highest score and earn their new power source. The highest single-run score on your specific Sewer Pass and accompanying wallet that achieved the run will determine what it reveals.

What’s this… power source? Gary the Dog Prophet is the one summoning them. He forgot their real name so we just call them that. Their purpose seems to be to evolve and prepare for the battles to come.

Your score will be based on what you collect in the sewer, the obstacles you destroy, and how long you survive. The validated Sewer Pass with the highest score will be eligible to transform into the ultimate… whatever they’re called.

Closing Thoughts

“Dookey Dash”, is open to anyone who holds a Sewer Pass, which will be free for BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders to mint starting on Jan 17th.

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