Zenvus Deploys 27 Young People for Farm Boundary Mapping in Adamawa

Zenvus Deploys 27 Young People for Farm Boundary Mapping in Adamawa

On December 4th, 27 young Nigerians will have jobs in Adamawa State. They will be mapping farm boundaries for some local farmers. The young people will work with farmers and community leaders to bring the farms to the 21st century. That is the first phase of Zenvus deployment: we map the boundaries of farms to localize areas of interests when our sensors are installed. These young professionals, experts in local languages, will also help in transitioning farmers into Zenvus Services during the dry farming season. All of them are natives of their wards. This minor pilot operation, for dry farming, will be massively expanded during the main farming cycle.

We have automated the mapping process: walk round your farm, press a button, and you can visit our portal to print your farm boundary. If you belong to a cooperative, the report will be automatically made available to the cooperative’s enterprise account with Zenvus. The leader of the cooperative has a responsibility to work with you and those you share boundaries in your farm to ratify the farm boundary. Our local team will handle those things to make sure the integrity is there.

Once that is done, you can take your report to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, and they will issue you some documents. Your State’s  Lands Registry Department will also honour the report. With those documents, you can boldly visit Bank of Agriculture for agro-loans as you have collateral in your hands.  We are driving financial inclusion through formalization of farm assets.

Our technology calculates area, perimeter and pertinent details automatically which farmers can use in their farming operations. Zenvus does not work with individual farmers: we work with cooperatives or governments. If you want our services, you must talk to your government or organize as a cooperative. We need scale to execute the services we do. We do not sell technology; we offer services to the hardest working people in Africa: farmers.



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