Zipnet Provides Broadband Services In Ghana

As Broadband services in today’s world enables the communication industry to make convergence of various classes of service achievable, Zipnet brings to the market an up-to-date listing of services.  This Ghanian company has pioneered some end customer focused products like Zipnet, Zipfon, Zipconnect and Zipvision.


Broadband provides users with a high-speed, always-connected Internet service – removing many of the current frustrations of standard dial-up access. Currently, most homes access the Internet via a standard dial-up modem, which is connected to a phone line. This delivers data at a speed of up to 56 kilobits per second (kbps).


Additionally users have the frustration of waiting to dial-up (connect) to the Internet. Broadband, on the other hand, has a higher capacity to send more information at a much faster rate. For example, a motorway allows much more traffic to move quickly from town to town than a single lane city road does. Equally, Broadband Internet via cable modem allows more video, data and audio ‘traffic’ to pass faster. In addition, Broadband is always connected resulting in no more frustrating dial-up connections.


They play in the broadband business with solutions have become popular over the years.  They understand that  broadband wireless technology is the fastest deployable means to the internet today. There is “No waiting” period to connect and once on, always on! Data, Voice, Video and Legacy data can all be downloaded forty (40) times faster than a standard 56k modem. And Zipnet gives you just about that and more.

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