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Content Management Systems

Nowadays, nearly everybody has their own blog or even profile pages. In this regard, you may want to have yours as well, and if this is the case, a content management system is what you require to make life easier. There are people who still make use of the traditional system of uploading and updating files manually to their server. Unfortunately, this is not too favorable for the modern web developer. Moving any content management [...]


After the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 there were rumors that Apple is also working on user health related sensors that would be integrated in iPhone 6. But here comes an other rumor which is stating that the new iPhone will be not only the device that controls the health of the user, it will be equipped with a large number of sensors that would be tracking the status of the environment. In particular, the [...]


Attending a trade show or event can be both exciting and challenging, particularly when it’s an event in the tech world. The opportunity to showcase your products or services to like-minded individuals, and to generate new business is invaluable. But, how do you ensure that you fully maximize your event exposure without breaking the bank?   This post covers a few strategies for maximizing your exposure at the events you are attending this year. These [...]

Google Apps

Google missed analyst expectations in its first quarterly earnings report of the year because of declining cost-per-click rates for its search ads and rising costs to ensure its search engine is used on various platforms. The tech giant brought in $15.4 billion in revenue, a 19% jump from a year earlier that still missed analyst expectations of $15.54 billion. Earnings per share were $6.27, off the mark from analyst expectations of $6.41 per share.   [...]

Why has Google not released a new second-generation Nexus 10 yet?

Release date of the Nexus 10 “second generation” remains a subject of gossip for more than six months now. It seems that Google is in a problem with its release, or the company just keeps intrigue, thereby fuelling interest in the device. Nexus 10 still has the power Yes, Nexus 10 was and remains one of the most powerful Android-tablets on the market, but we still want to know how things are going with the [...]


Smartphones are becoming all the more smarter day by day, thanks to the gifted engineers, who always find a way out to simply amaze us by integrating futuristic weaks in the upcoming flagship gadgets that make them better than the rest. As the functionality of the smartphones is becoming all the more diverse, there arises the need to integrating the gadget with better hardware specifications so that it can respond to the users command on [...]

galaxy mini

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be by all means set smart phone standards. This is because it is expected to come with some of the most advanced technologies. The release of the device is still a way off and that gives Samsung time to develop some new technologies. There are some things that any fan of the second largest smart phone manufacturer must know about the S6. One of the most exciting prospects is the wireless [...]

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