10 Rules To Live By

10 Rules To Live By

As the year is running to an end, I know there are many things you would have loved to accomplish. Perhaps, you set some goals when 2019 started and said, ”I will achieve this goal before the year runs out.”

But when you look back into your diary and compare what you have set for the year, it seems like you are nowhere near the target.

The annoying part is social media. It doesn’t seem to do you any good whenever you log in. You will always see so many success stories. Listen, we simply cannot look at someone else’s mile 50 and compare it to our mile 5. You’re still running the race and it’s not over yet. And for some, you’re just warming up.

It is so sad that whenever we look around at our peers, our colleagues, our idols and we think, “I’m behind in everything.”

Absolutely no, you’re not behind. You are simply doing what’s best for you.
It’s no wonder so many of today’s students are so stressed out.

We grasp so hard at things that often are not even in our control. We live in an imperfect world that continuously tries to appear perfect. That’s just not realistic.

We are missing so many things whenever we compare ourselves. We should never compare to measure success or achievements, rather, we should compare to learn.

So many people are living imaginatively. I am not against anyone setting goals. Of course, set big goals for yourself, and yes get excited about it. But, understand it may take time to get there. And that’s okay.

Is it not funny that we underestimated the things we should have overestimated and overestimated the things we should have underestimated?

As Brendon Burchard says, “the next level opens after your next committed step” and Jay Shetty also said – ”everyone has their own timing”.

You’re not ahead, or behind, you’re where you need to be to learn what you need to learn.

Your ENTIRE story is so much better than just the first and last chapter. Have gratitude for the journey, it’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes the only thing that’s standing between us and our goals, is time.

According to Nadia, ”to succeed in life, you have to be crazy enough to pursue what sets your soul on fire. To follow your dreams and let them take you higher. Don’t be a copy of someone else
Dare to revolutionise, be an adventurer, create your own path in the woods and face the future.

Be a chaser to beat your fears. Without a saber, be a coach. Embrace your flaws without reproach. Be a painter. Paint your life with vibrant colors and make it brighter
Be a writer and write your own story like a cavalier. Be a poet. Inspire others to dream and be their best. Be a preacher who helps others find their light and feel better. Be a stylist. Build your own style that makes you feel classy and smart.

Be everything you love. Be a blessing to the world. Let your voice vibrate through walls. Let your heart touch people’s souls. Don’t worry if others think you’re weird. Don’t forget, geniuses  are often strange.

GOD made you unique. Embrace your uniqueness. Let your gut guide you to the road that will change your world and leave indelible footprints wherever you go.

As you walk in your paths, these are the ten commandments you should always remember:

  1. Don’t base your happiness on material achievements.
  2. Success comes in different forms. Financial Success is just one out of all.
  3. Offering to help and being kind to a total Stranger has opened doors for so many.
  4. Life is like Water. It takes the shape of your mindset and how you view it.
  5. Hard work rules but Smart work is the updated Version.
  6. It takes just one decision to change your life.
  7. Never abandon those who were there for you in your time of need.
  8. There will be distractions along the way in your life journey.  Focus is key.
  9. Create moments out of the present, because the future Isn’t guaranteed.
  10. If you want to go far, create a team.

Added : Be flexible and adaptable to change to Survive in this fast-evolving world.

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