2017 Comprehensive Nigeria Mobile Trends [Plots]

2017 Comprehensive Nigeria Mobile Trends  [Plots]

Twinpine is an African premium mobile marketing platform, intelligently connecting businesses to their target audience, from discovery to conversion. It has headquarters in Lagos with offices in Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. It provided this content for us to share on Tekedia, and we found it valuable. This is not a promotion.

NB: If the image is small, right click on Chrome (mobile or desktop) and select Copy Image Address. Paste that link to a new browser tab. You will see the full image resolution and can even zoom it.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Comprehensive Nigeria Mobile Trends [Plots]

  1. Hi, please kindly make the infographic larger, with optimum resolution. Some interesting contents are difficult to make out.

    1. You are correct. There is a limit it can be enlarged. But this is a simple solution. If you are on Chrome (mobile or desktop), right click and select “Copy Image Address”. Copy that link on a browser, you will see the full resolution and can also zoom the image.

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