Home Community Insights 2024 FM Day: We are better together in pursuit of a sustainable life

2024 FM Day: We are better together in pursuit of a sustainable life

2024 FM Day: We are better together in pursuit of a sustainable life

Facilities managers are honouring themselves today, from global to local associations, and from regional to national ones. Several sources from the associations state that Wednesday, August 8, 2024, is set aside for honouring and recognising those who work in the sector and their contributions. Our checks also show that practitioners invite companies and experts from different fields and industries to join them in the festivities. According to them, this is significant because, in the ongoing pursuit of a sustainable way of life, FM continues to be a crucial element for both individuals and businesses. 

The Global Facility Management, in its statement, notes that the day highlights the importance of workplace safety, productivity, and a healthy environment, as well as the opportunities for careers and professional development in FM. Joining the company, the International Facility Management Association echoes a similar sentiment, calling on members across the world to create and execute local events that inspire and stimulate practitioners’ interest without leaving prospective ones behind. Our check reveals that the association has lined up a series of events for the day, especially for the practitioners and their friends in the United States of America. They are expected to participate in various events, such as roundtable discussions and cocktail parties. Similar events are being organised in the Middle East and Africa. In Nigeria, the Association of Facility Management Practitioners of Nigeria is also organising events as well. AFMPN provides a national platform for the promotion and continuous development of Facility Management in Nigeria as well as a platform to drive the contribution of facility management to national development through leveraging international partnerships, standards and best practices in the development of relevant local standards. It also works with various stakeholders, affiliate organisations, similar bodies, associated professional bodies and international FM organisations to achieve the stated purpose.

Meanwhile, our analyst notes that this year’s theme has three thought-provoking words that define the day and makes it more strategic for the practitioners and their clients. The theme “Inspire, Integrate, Innovate: Ignite Your Career in FM” embodies the essence of the facility management profession by highlighting three crucial aspects: inspiration, integration, and innovation. First, Inspire highlights FM practitioners’ roles as leaders and motivators inside their businesses. They encourage teams to achieve their responsibilities, resulting in increased production and efficiency. This element recognizes the value of visionary leadership in FM for creating a pleasant work environment. 

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Second, integrate emphasises the multidisciplinary aspect of facility management. FM experts must smoothly integrate multiple activities such as maintenance, operations, and sustainability to maximise facility performance. This topic stresses cross-departmental collaboration and the use of technology to expedite procedures. Finally, Innovate acknowledges the changing landscape of facility management and the importance of constant adaptation and development. To stay competitive, FM practitioners are urged to adopt new technology, techniques, and best practices. Innovation promotes efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability in facility management methods.

Our analyst says that by selecting these words and incorporating them into the celebration’s major theme, FM organizations and practitioners indicate a willingness to build a culture of continual growth and excellence in the discipline.

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