Home Community Insights 3 cryptocurrencies whales could be buying right now: Mooky, ShibaInu, Big Eyes

3 cryptocurrencies whales could be buying right now: Mooky, ShibaInu, Big Eyes

3 cryptocurrencies whales could be buying right now: Mooky, ShibaInu, Big Eyes

Whales are seen as market movers and influencers. One whale has the power to transmit a digital pump or collapse. One cannot overstate their impact on the crypto market. Using whale alerts, you might be able to determine which cryptocurrency is about to spike or plummet. Additionally, it has been noted that major whales are showing interest in these three cryptocurrencies. Shiba Inu (SHIB), Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and Mooky Coin (MOOKY).

The cutest and most stylish token of 2023 is Mookey’s mission. supporting global tree planting

A DAO vote determines the governance of MOOKY, a token held by the community. Holders of tokens are the platform’s owners.

MOOKY’s pre-sale is currently undergoing beta testing. Be a market innovator for the Defi meme coin that is poised to take off and is controlled by the community.

MOOKY is the cutest and coolest meme token of 2023! We will help plant trees all across the world to better our environment and spark change.

There are no slippage requirements for purchasing or selling on Mooky because there is no tax. Low-tax tokens are the wisest option for the community. The liquidity will be constrained for two years. No private or VC sales, and no team tokens

3D Mooky NFTs that are extremely innovative and practical! Each NFT also has a traceable link to a real-world tree that was planted. If you possess a legendary or extremely rare card, you are eligible to join the Mooky Ventures club! Try it right now! Make one of our exclusive NFTs.

Owners of legendary and ultra-rare NFTs receive a particular benefit through the Ventures club. Take advantage of the products, bimonthly airdrops from our collaborative platforms, and passive income from our investment portfolio. All of it can be seen on a dashboard!

For 2022 and beyond, Shiba Inu (SHIB) tops the list of breeds with the most whale activity.

An original meme currency is called the Shiba Inu. Up-and-coming initiatives for meme tokens are continuing to use this protocol as a result of its transformation into a utility meme coin. One of the prominent meme coins, Shiba Inu, is exerting additional pressure on Dogecoin to accept utilities.

According to numerous whale tracking websites, including Whalestats.com, Shiba Inu is the #1 cryptocurrency project with the most whale activity as of 2022. You would occasionally observe a big transfer of money into and out of Shiba Inu’s network.

About 101% of the exchange’s reserves are stored in Shibas, according to the most recent Proof of Reserve report from Crypto.com. Shiba Inu serves as inspiration for emerging cryptocurrency initiatives like Big Eyes Coin, which is the subject of this article’s case study.

Beginners may also require the lucky charm known as Big Eyes Coin.

Additionally, it has been noted that Big Eyes Coin might be close to a breakthrough, particularly in light of its most recent presale scam. Big Eyes Coin has raised more than $11.7 million in a short period and is still optimistic about raising even more before the end of its presale program.

Big Eyes Coin aspires to reduce carbon emissions and energy use while also actively assisting the environment by making donations to organizations that support ocean conservation. A lot of investors are flocking to Big Eyes Coin, which has raised over $16.2 million in its pre-sale and is still gaining traction, as they recognize the potential of a meme coin with a social purpose.

The few whales living in the Big Eyes colony could have an impact on this. Beginner traders can also take advantage of this price action in the future to expand their portfolios using Big Eyes Coin (BIG). There are many advantages to be had from this developing ecosystem [Big Eyes], which will probably become more apparent as its official launch and tier-1 CEX listing draws nearer.

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