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4 Signs That You Are Living With Jinn(s) and A Signal for Severe Mental Health Conditions

4 Signs That You Are Living With Jinn(s) and A Signal for Severe Mental Health Conditions

Statistics regarding the causes of mental illness and the circumstances that affect those who suffer from it have been trending rising since 1990. The release of surprising data has continued, from international agencies to regional and state entities with an interest in the matter. 10.7% of people worldwide suffer from a mental disease of some kind, according to Our World in Data, a global think tank for gathering, combining, and analysing data for global concerns and needs.

The World Health Organisation also reports that individuals with serious mental illnesses are dying young, particularly for two decades ago, because of physical illnesses that can be avoided, like eating disorders that interfere with functioning, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders. Mental health disorders are depleting global resources, much like other global diseases. Government and individual budgets are being cut from the Global North to the Global South.

In our last piece, our analyst noted that some mental health illnesses necessitate the professional services of psychiatric doctors, while others necessitate the services of professional Islamic exorcists. The latter happens when the patient is possessed by (a) Jinn(s) or other associated triggers like sorcery, witchcraft, evil eyes, and so on. However, in other circumstances, a combination of the two is required. This is what our analyst calls a holistic approach to treating and managing mental health disorders.

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No one can be assured of this until a spiritual diagnosis is carried out. However, some symptoms should be considered red flags. When these symptoms persist, it is a sign that you require a spiritual diagnosis. The most common diagnosis is Ruqyah; there is also a self-Ruqyah. Cultural anthropologists who research invisibilities (such as Christian Suhr) can attest to the potency of Ruqyah.

Our analyst notes that those who are familiar with the Arabic or translated texts of the Egyptian scholar and Islamic exorcist, Shaykh Wahid Abdussalam Bali, might have come across some of these symptoms. These symptoms aren’t myths! What are they?

Regular sexual intercourse in dreams with someone acquainted or unfamiliar (if you didn’t watch pornographic movies before bed). In this situation, an unmarried man or woman may find it difficult to remain in a marriage. Also, a married man or woman may despise his or her spouse for no apparent reason. They may never have sexual desires for each other again. A pregnant lady who constantly has such dreams may suffer recurrent miscarriages. Some women may turn into Jinn-induced barrens.

Frequently seeing oneself in empty spaces such as cemeteries, caves and abandoned houses in nightmares. It’s strongly believed that these are some places the Jinns reside.

Constantly falling from great heights or being followed by carnivorous beasts in dreams.

Eating or being fed in dreams without knowing the content of the food (eating in this case is mostly caused by sorcery/witchcraft).

Umar Olansile Ajetunmobian independent, interdisciplinary researcher with special interests in political, (mental) health, development, and digital media communication, contributes to the development of this piece through his skills and knowledge garnered over the years. 

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