Some Web Companies That Have Gone In Last Decade

Some Web Companies That Have Gone In Last Decade

We took time to build this list, just to remind some of the earlier web adopters of some names we miss today. Most have gone bankrupt and very few allowed their domains to expire without redirecting them, after acquisitions.

We will continue to build this list as we go back to history to help understand the future. We just feel that a social media bubble is very near – a correction is coming and it is imminent.

Feedlounge: An RSS reader space that was announced on June 9, 2005. Today, it is .gone. Another company in this category is Kinja which has also collapsed. However, Bloglines, Pluck, and Rojo which later became Blogs are just surviving.

In another category, there Gataga which has it domain parked.  This started an a  social bookmarking and added many firms like jots, spurl, etc. The complete list is coming…

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