5 SEO Tactics That Will Get You In Trouble

5 SEO Tactics That Will Get You In Trouble

In your bid to put your work on the first page of Google, you need to avoid some scenario that could put your site in trouble.

One of the scenarios to avoid is outdated SEO techniques because it can hurt your site rather than helping it. Outdated SEO techniques can cause search engines to punish you.

Here are 5 SEO tactics that will get you in trouble:

  • Concentrating on Keywords over User Engagement

One of the most essential parts of SEO is Keywords. Its function is to show search engines what your content is about so they can rank you for the right search terms. Recently, the way users interact with your site is getting more important in SEO. This is the reason why you need to make out time towards catering for your users. To do this, you need to concentrate on attracting clicks by people and not pleasing search spiders.

  • Making use of Exact-Match Domains (EMD)

EMD is a process where you include an exact key phrase you are aiming to target within your domain name e.g. poolsforsmalldogs.net. Before now, it is used as a famous technique to grow quickly in the SERPS as it permits you to rank more easily than with a normal, branded domain. Additionally, it is an awesome way to produce a network of microsites targeting exact phrases. However, presently, it can be considered to be spam or untrustworthy and which is the reason why you have to go into a single domain.

  • Putting Meta Keywords in your content

Meta Keywords are pieces of information you can attach to web content just like title tags and Meta descriptions. Due to how people are abusing Meta Keywords in the hopes of ranking for more search phrases, it is now a problem. Thus, it does not affect your standings in the search results. Instead of investing in it, you can invest in title tag and Meta description.

  • Engaging in comment spamming

Spam comments are comments that are devoid of valuable information. Aside from that, it contributes nothing to the discussion. Before now, it was a legitimate way to create a backlink to a site but presently, it can get you in trouble. Professional websites are now using WordPress plugins to eliminate spam comments. Instead of spam comments, you can produce high quality and special content that people can link to.

  • Making use of link and article directories

Sometimes ago, link directories are used to function as a way to uncover content. You could find stuff you are interested in because of the way they categorize websites. Likewise, article directories permit you to share valuable information with an audience and earn links and traffic in the process. Nevertheless, they rapidly turned into repositories for spun articles that didn’t provide a lot of value. This is wrong. The solution to this is to produce and publish content that others want to link.

Final Word…

Even though it is not easy to follow up the latest development in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to constantly check for tactics that can get you in trouble. However, the most important thing to do is to produce a user-friendly website with content that is valuable.

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