Pivot25 Kenya Begins June 14 – $75,000 At Stake

Courtesy of mlab –  an incubator and testing facility for mobile application and services companies. Pivot25 is an mlab initiative to bring focus on the Mobile developer and entrepreneur community in East Africa.


On June 14th and 15th, 25 of East Africa’s top mobile start-ups will be pitching their ideas to an audience of around 500 people.


Where? At Pivot 25, an event organized by mLab East Africa.


The event will give visibility to some very interesting projects from Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda or Kenya. Entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas and have the possibility to win prizes. Not only, they will raise a lot of awareness around their project: the audience, the judges, the blog/media coverage will help spread the word of the brilliant ideas that will be presented.


The Event will not only showcase developer talent in the region but also bring focus to the mLab and the role that it plays in the mobile application development ecosystem in East Africa. Our goal is to make this truly inclusive, bringing together start-ups, manufacturers, businesses and operators from every country in East Africa: the mLab is accessible to anyone in any of these countries, and Pivot 25 is as well.


How to get involved?

There are few ways to get involved with Pivot 25.

  • Enter your startup – the best way to get involved, if you have ideas, knowledge and passion for mobile services. If you make it to the event, the awareness will be huge and the prizes big.
  • Sponsor the event – there are already some great sponsors supporting Pivot25, but a few more places are available. Join us to help raise awareness of the potential of mobile services, coming from East African start-ups.
  • Register to attend – we expect tickets to sell quickly, so get yours now before they’re all gone.


Why compete?

Prize Money – Compete for over $75,000 worth of Cash Prizes

DEMO – The Overall Winner of Pivot25 will have the opportunity to present at Demo – The Launchpad for Emerging Technology in Silicon Valley. A Value of over $18,000.

Smart-phones – Winners and participants that are selected in the top 25 will walk away with the latest Smart-phones

Launch your Product – You can use this opportunity to Launch your Application to the Mobile Fraternity

Pitch your Application – This is a great opportunity to pitch your application to Operators, Angels and Venture Capitalists

Demopit – Showcase your application in the Demopit. The Demopit will be a designated area for all Companies that are participating in the Competition. This will give you an ideal opportunity to network and demonstrate your applications.

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