Key Findings from Ernst & Young Africa Attractiveness Survey

The new Ernst & Young survery is excellently great in making sure that Africa is not lumped into one game.  It is a continent and they rightly broken things down a little further.


There are advantages, but also obvious dangers, in presenting the African continent as a single grouping. We must acknowledge the diversity among over 50 countries and one billion people. Investment is almost always going to be country-specific, so we must also consider investor perceptions at this more granular level.


South Africa continues to top Africa and indeed sub-Sahara Africa.  It has 59% in attractiveness while taking 15% o FDI projects from 2003-2010. Nigeria scored 5% and 6%  respectively, beating Ghana and Kenya.


The best summary of the report is a statement credit to African Development Corporation. The continent has come a long way and must be recognized accordingly.


“Big misperceptions about Africa still exist, especially in the mainstream media where Africa is still considered as a place of civil unrest and war.” Olaf Meier, African Development Corporation

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