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6 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

6 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

2022 is moving faster to the end leaving us all with a different aftertaste. Recent years have influenced greatly the way we perceive information, making the business alter their client-communication strategies and start looking for more innovative techniques. And of course, it hasn’t spared graphic design as it is the main way to ‘talk’ to the customers through patterns, colors, fonts, materials, and layouts. What are the main changes to expect in the forthcoming 2023? Let’s analyze all the changes to come and the reasons behind them.

More motion graphics

Motion graphics is the very first on the list, as it is one of the main tools to be used by a marketing department. Using a variety of instruments, motion graphics can catch the attention of any person despite age, status, or profession and add depth to the story.

As the worlds evolves, so do motion graphics. The main reason for 2023 metamorphosis is our attention span, which got shorter than ever – 8 seconds, that’s the time you’re given to tell the story. Obviously, it is too short, that’s why the marketing department needs to rack the brain to meet such a demand. Besides, users show more inclination towards simplicity rather than complexity, which is caused by informational overload.

Getting back in time

90-s and Aughties are periods of nostalgia and sweet memories. It’s a security blanket and comfort zone for those who were born in that time. And that’s the main reason for the great return of Y2K designs into the graphics of 2023 – glitter, metallic, futuristic elements, and bubblegum pink color. Although this style was denied for some time as kitschy and excessively garnished, it’s high time for its reborn. Everything new is well-forgotten old – the basic facets of Y2K wrapped into the modern vision will benefit a graphic style of 2023 and clients’ needs.

Geometry in shapes

Geometric elements have been a design trend for ages, and 2023 will be no exception. We are surrounded by its forms: triangles, squares, rectangles, lines, etc. Geometry is used to convey the feeling of order and simplicity, it gives a sense of comforting control. It’s often a choice of well-established companies, whose reliability has been proven over time.

Despite the simplicity of the lines, with a slight touch of creativity, geometric shapes can build up a new dimension of a fantasy world. That’s why geometry is the best method to meet the expectation of clients despite the generation and vision of art – everyone will see something they want to see.


Typography matters as it makes a considerable part of graphic design and delivers the most visible part of the message. The creativity with fonts knows no borders and this year the lines will be forced out of their typical and natural shape. As a result, we’ll see crumpled letters and unexpected combinations of styles. Such a bold symbiosis will create visually arresting designs, appealing to more people. Surely, some may disapprove of such daring approaches, yet it is just another proof that it works.


Texture helps to feel the graphics as if touching them, it serves as a visual tone for the design. It can create the illusion of depth of color, making everything look more natural and real. The 2023 design will be marked by the noise and grain designs, as they can create distressed or vintage looks, providing the bits and pieces of the comforting old styles. However, it’s important not to overdo such texture, as it will leave other elements in the dust. Balance matters with every tiny yet significant detail.

 Return to hand-drawn sincerity

While some crave bold and daring moves and complexion, new and creative motives, others get too overwhelmed with it. All the artificial life created around them – faceless contacts, featureless art, loss of interpersonal relationships in favor of virtual connections – become discouraging and off-putting. Everything creates the sensation of loneliness despite the visual amiability.

That’s where hand-drawn graphic design can help matters. Seeing the hand-like sketches and pencil-like lines will appeal to human nature and target the need for person-person contact. Just a few simple lines will talk louder than words and any elaborate design. Luckily, there are quite a few online resources to create the best illustration for such a purpose.

Graphic designs of 2023 are anything but individual diversity. To have more influence on the clients, designers need to combine simplicity and minimalism with daring and bald vision; old-school and cutting-the-edge elements; strict geometry and flight of fancy. In layman’s terms – interlace the elements which don’t seem to be matching into eye-pleasing unity. However, it’s important not to cross the limits of perceptions, as our reality can be overwhelming sometimes, and that’s definitely not something people expect to see in design and art.

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