Home Community Insights 90% Nigerians ‘Ready’ for Crypto Investment; Cosmos, Cardano & Big Eyes Infinity Set to Benefit

90% Nigerians ‘Ready’ for Crypto Investment; Cosmos, Cardano & Big Eyes Infinity Set to Benefit

90% Nigerians ‘Ready’ for Crypto Investment; Cosmos, Cardano & Big Eyes Infinity Set to Benefit

A recent ConsenSys study revealed that only 5% of Nigeria’s population is ready to dive into crypto investment. Surprisingly, despite the underwhelming market performance, there’s a noticeable sense of excitement in the air, driven by disruptive innovations and increasing integration of Web3 technology.

Moreover, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the resurgence of the altcoin season, with established assets like Cosmos and Cardano positioned to lead the way. Newcomers like Big Eyes Infinity are also poised to leave their mark. With this, many are puzzled considering that 90% of Nigeria’s population understands cryptocurrency — positioning them at the forefront of potential gains.

Crypto Investment and Awareness Soar in Nigeria

In a recent study that surveyed individuals across the nation, Consensys showed that Nigeria boasts the highest levels of crypto awareness. An astounding 99% of males and 100% of females indicated their familiarity with this exciting asset class and DeFi awareness. What’s even more intriguing is that 78% of respondents expressed a solid understanding of how cryptocurrencies operate.

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However, when it comes to actual crypto investment, the numbers take a different turn. Currently, only a small fraction, merely 5% of Nigeria’s population, has taken the leap into crypto investments. But here’s where it gets exciting — 57% of those surveyed stated they would “definitely” invest in crypto in the next 12 months, with an additional 33% expressing a strong inclination to do the same.

With such high levels of awareness and a potential resurgence of the altcoin season, Nigerians have a unique opportunity to shape their financial future. Additionally, Cosmos, Cardano, and Big Eyes Infinity are solid choices for those looking to enter the crypto arena.

The Power of Innovation and Community in Enhancing DeFi Awareness

The success of blockchain projects relies only on technological advancements and community engagement — which Cosmos, Cardano, and Big Eyes Infinity are carefully navigating.

Cosmos is poised for substantial growth with its forthcoming CosmWasm feature release. This update brings a slew of improvements for contract developers and node operators. Notable enhancements include support for Rust 1.70+ and sign extensions, broadening its developer base. These developments underscore Cosmos’s commitment to fostering developer-friendly innovation and expanding its community.

Meanwhile, Cardano continues to thrive despite market fluctuations. Its Djed stablecoin has undergone a significant update, making it more user-friendly and efficient. COTI, the driving force behind Djed, has lowered minimum amounts for creating and destroying DJED and SHEN coins, reduced fees, and improved the Djed system’s reliability.

On the other hand, Big Eyes Infinity is generating substantial excitement as it approaches the launch of the full version of the 819Casino and play-to-earn (P2E) games in September 2023. The community’s anticipation has been steadily growing, fueled by sneak peeks and updates on the Big Eyes roadmap. These developments illustrate the role of community engagement in building anticipation and fostering a sense of belonging within the Big Eyes ecosystem.

Big Eyes Infinity Creates Promising Potential for Nigerians

Nigerians have ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies for various reasons. Their primary concern is diversifying their investment portfolios, closely followed by worries about the stability of their local currency, the Nigerian Naira. The emergence of Big Eyes Infinity should offer a safe haven for the Nigerian investor community.

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As BIGINF prioritizes resiliency and transparency, Nigerians get to navigate the meme coin waters with ease. BIGINF specifically promises to host an airdrop launch that pivots from conventional claiming processes. The token will directly drop into a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

Simultaneously, BIGINF’s timed presale stages promise a 150% return on investment per round. With a total of 4 phases, savvy Nigerian investors could potentially yield 600% per BIGINF presale stage.

In a landscape marked by high awareness but relatively low crypto investment, Nigeria stands poised for a crypto revolution. With diverse approaches and unique strengths, Cosmos, Cardano, and Big Eyes Infinity are set to play a pivotal role in the country’s crypto journey.


Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF)

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